RETTBOX® S Inlet 20 A / 24 V DC / 6P+E / IP54 Part No 15C3046

Power sup­ply sys­tem with auto­mat­ic ejec­tion when the vehi­cle is start­ed.

Ideal solu­tion for emer­gency vehi­cles, refrig­er­at­ed vehi­cles, autonomous vehi­cles,…

Product group: RETTBOX® S 20 A
Type: INLET (pow­er sup­ply)
Type Complement: + ANGLED HANDLE
Material: POLY
Color: BLUE
Protection class: IP54
Contacts: 6P+E
Current: 20 A
Voltage: 24 V
Frequency: DC
Part No: 15C3046


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